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27 May 2013

A recommendation...

This is the best way that I can recommend to anyone how to handle moving day:

 Just turn off all emotions and git'er'done. Otherwise,

And this:
 And this:

Red roses: The only semblance of beautiful left
This, too:

will totally get in the way of efficiently getting to this:

and this:

BUT, if you make good progress, give yourself permission to have emotions long enough to have a spontaneous dance party with your friends (and their really cute child):

Whew. What an insane few days it's been!! Today I'm celebrating America by painting and cleaning up the old place. Here is a quick peak of my new digs (at least for the summer).

My bedspread looks small because it is: that bed is queen-size (the place is pre-furnished, so my own twin-sized bed is in storage for the moment). 

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