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05 June 2013

Five Favorites of the New House

I've never linked up to Moxie Wife's "Five Favorites" before. I was planning on writing a "Favorite Things About This New Place Where I Live" post (brevity is my forte, duh). Then, a friend linked to Moxie Wife and I thought, "well, la-dee-dah. don't mind if I do too. Great minds think a like." So, here you, Favorite Readers. A list of my Five Favorite things about my new (temporary) place.

The neighborhood.

Houses obscured by trees. Gotta protect people's identities (and CmYA)

Oh, my. After living for two years in a quiet apartment complex located off of a busy road, I forgot how wonderful a neighborhood is. Yes, my friends, this place very quickly has become "home" to me.

I love the variety of different houses on the street. I love that I can go out for a run and not worry about being hit by a car. I also love that I have many more options for running routes. I especially love, as I discovered this past weekend, that I can sit in my living room and hear the joyful shrieks and howls of children playing outside.

At my old place, I rarely saw neighbors and I am not sure any children lived nearby. At my new house, children are outside throwing around balls, playing tag, and riding bikes. Parents are outside either joining them in play, doing yard work, or chatting it up with other neighbors. Last night, as I sat on my porch stretching after my run, some people rode by on bikes and they actually returned my "hello" wave. People are friendly and it all warms my heart.

Mondo coffee cups.

As I mentioned previously, this place comes furnished, including kitchen wares. This past Saturday, I fixed myself a cup of jo and discovered what are perhaps the largest mugs in the county. To help you understand how large these cups are, I entertained myself by having a staring contest with the baby owl on the cup while taking some selfies.

The cup is practically the size of my face. Perhaps it was the caffeine, but I found it an entertaining fact.

The book selection.

Call it being nosy. Call it (un)natural curiosity. Call it making friends. Whatever it is, I can't help but be interested in my surroundings, especially when I am in someone else's house. So, when I saw multiple bookcases full of books as soon as I walked in the door of the new place, it was only a matter of time before I found myself standing in front of it, reading the book spines.

I have pulled out a handful of books to read, at least until we get Internet. Other potential selections include: the full Vulgate Bible (multi-volume), Euclid's Elements, a handful of Aristotle and Plato (in addition to the encyclopedia collection of philosophers), Shakespeare and Jane Austen, and P.G. Wodehouse.

The church bells.

this view is *not* from my front or back door.
Yes! We can hear the bells of the Basilica from our house! It is marvelous.

The kitchen.

Though the rest of the house is stuck in 1974 (at least it's not 1984, eh?), the kitchen is updated and it is quite charming, IMHO.

Electric-stove tops are one of my least favorite things in the work. But, hey, at least it's black instead of white. As in clothing fashion, black is a much better color for stove tops (so slimming! hides stains!). And white stove tops are awful. So, at least I can be thankful we got black instead of white! Otherwise I'd be tempted to befriend the drinkie-drinks stored on the counter.

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  1. Your neighborhood is adorable! And it has sidewalks! I love my neighborhood but oh, how I miss sidewalks.

    Thanks for joining in! So nice to meet you!

    1. Thank you, Hallie--and great to meet you too! It is a wonderful neighborhood!


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